Propolis Capsules



Made by Herbal Apothecary UK

Herbal Apothecary UK manufacture and supply high quality herbal products to customers around the world. They have been sourcing and manufacturing their extensive range for over 30 years. Alongside their retail and wholesale business they also undertake contract manufacturing of herbal products.

Herbal Apothecary UK have developed two ranges of natural healthcare products. Sweet Cecily‚Äôs is a pioneering natural skincare brand. BeeVital is their world-leading propolis brand. They produce a range of oral health products made with propolis, including propolis mouthwash, propolis toothpaste, an oral gel for mouth ulcers, and a propolis tooth and gum liquid. Alongside this, they produce a range of ‘whole health’ products, including propolis capsules, propolis tincture and propolis liquid. Finally they have created a range of propolis skincare products including propolis soap, propolis lip balm and a propolis cream.

Their range of herbal products includes Western Herbs, Chinese Herbs and Ayurvedic Herbs.