The Baytown Coffee Company

The Baytown Coffee Company avoid the pretentiousness that’s so often served up alongside good coffee. They’re on a mission to  expose people to better quality coffee than they’ve ever had before, whilst concentratating on making it fun. For them, coffee is about making you feel good – and we agree!

Their expertise can be traced right back to the 1940s. That’s when Baytown’s founder David’s grandfather started HR Higgins, the company that now holds the Royal Warrant to supply coffee to the Queen. They’re in the rare position of having decades of experience that they ‘blend’ with the enthusiastic overdrive of a caffeine-fuelled start-up.

Sustainable and Ethically Sourced

The Baytown Coffee Company ensure that their growers are paid above the fair trade minimums. They work directly with farmers and importers who share their values. Coope Tarrazu RL for instance, is a Costa Rican cooperative that was established by 228 small coffee farms in 1970. Nowadays it’s a major contributor to the economic development of the Los Santos region of Tarrazu.

Around 10,000 people work with the coop. What drives the success of Coope Tarrazu RL is the way it looks after the interests of these small producers. It provides a range of services including credit, agronomical and technical advice, sustainable prices, fertilisers and more.

Then there’s quality. Their sourcing and selection process ensures all their beans exceed intense quality standards. They do a potentially dangerous amount of tasting, and only work with people who really care about what they do.

Finally, there’s sustainability. The Baytown Coffee Company work hard to build trusting and sustainable relationships with everyone they work with – whether that be growers, merchants or wholesale customers. Then, when all of that is ticked off, we get back to enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Choose from the variety of options below – there’s something for eveyone! They offer beans, roasted to perfection and ready to grind at home, as well as burr ground options. There’s a certified organic option, and even a decaf blend, if that’s your thing. Want our opinion? Go for Boggle Hole – it’s the deepest, darkest blend – it’s seriously smooth but with a fantastic flavour!

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