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Price Promise – Never More Than RRP

At our online Futurehealth Store and our sister shop The Dispensary, it is very important to us that we never charge more than Recommended Retail Price (RRP.)

RRP is the price our suppliers recommend their product is sold at. We keep to this price so that our customers know that we always charge a fair price, as set by our suppliers and that our members, when they receive their 5% dividend, know that it is an actual saving on the recommended price.

We know that good quality health products, which often include organic and fair-trade labels, can be more expensive than other products and so we want to make everything we sell more accessible to everyone. This is why we always charge no more than RRP and also offer our members a 5% dividend when they shop online at The Futurehealth Store or in our Whitby shop, The Dispensary.

Anyone can become a member of The Dispensary and be part of our dividend scheme, it’s free to join and it means actual savings on your shopping, for more details, have a look at our dividend section!

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