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Not for Profit

We are a part of Common Cause CIC, a not for profit Community Interest Company. This means that any surplus funds we make once reasonable costs have been paid must be reinvested for the benefit of the community.

Whitby, on the North Yorkshire Coast

Although we strive to cover our costs, making money is not a motivating force for us.

We are dedicated to our philosophy of three-foldness. It seems to us that the economic force has become out of balance with other forces in our lives and that we need to focus also on our social, cultural and spiritual health. Our online Futurehealth Store shares the ethos of our sister shop, The Dispensary, at 25 Skinner Street, Whitby. We hope that through the Futurehealth Store people will connect with the wider aspect of what we are doing, whether that’s becoming involved with us at a local level, or, if you live farther afield, joining us through our online events and actions.

The Dispensary is not just a health shop, but also organises and hosts events, talks and a community library (we are just getting back to organising these following two years of restrictions.) We like to think of The Dispensary as a kind of hub where people can come for a chat and find ways of connecting with each other and with things that give their lives meaning. The Dispensary supports our local food bank through donations of bread from Breaking Bread Bakery, a joint project with our local Esk Valley Camphill Community and we also donate close to expiry date fruit and veg to our local Whitby community.

Both The Dispensary shop and Futurehealth Store strive to make high quality, ethical, health products available to the community. Many of our products are organic and fairtrade and this often means they are priced more highly than similar products which do not carry that label. We understand that many people, though they would love to buy organic and fairtrade products struggle to afford them. This is why we offer all our members 5% dividend , whether they shop in our Whitby store or online at The Futurehealth Store, more about this in our dividend section!

Dividend Points