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Ethical Goods, Fairly Traded

Here at The Futurehealth Store our LOVE ethos is at the heart of everything we do and we strive for this wherever possible:

  • Local
  • Organic
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Ethical

Local Suppliers

We’re based in Whitby, North Yorkshire. We aim to source as much as we can from local suppliers, we want to support our local community and reduce carbon emissions by reducing our reliance on transported products.

  • We stock medicines from the beehive – produced by BeeVital Propolis in Whitby.
  • Natural skincare products – produced by Sweet Cecily’s in Whitby
  • Local honeys – from various local apiaries including Beezneez at Malton, Little Scout honey from Fryup in the Esk Valley, The Beeshed at Castleton and Will Atkinson at Egton.
  • Locally roasted coffee – produced by The Baytown Coffee Company, near Whitby.
  • Organic vegetables – from Esk Valley Camphill Community, Danby, near Whitby.
  • Organic sourdough and yeasted bread from Breaking Bread Bakery – our joint project with Esk Valley Camphill Community, situated in a micro bakery at the rear of our shop on Skinner Street, Whitby.
  • Cards and books by local artists and authors.

Please note that because of the nature of some of our produce, not everything we stock in our physical store is available to buy online. You’re more then welcome to come and shop with us in person, next time you’re visiting Whitby!

Other Suppliers


Suma are our main wholesale supplier. We chose to work with Suma because of their commitment to vegetarian and vegan foods, sustainability, their ethical buying policy and because they are a worker owned cooperative, working together to improve society and support producers and customers.

We stock a wide range of wholefoods, snacks, household items, candles and more from Suma. Many of their products are organic and fair trade, they also stock a wide range of gluten free products.

We’ve been working with Suma for several years and are great fans of the way they work as a cooperative with the following values at the centre of their ethos:

  • Equality and Inclusion
  • Democracy & Solidarity
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Self-responsibility
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Innovation and Openness to change
  • Resilience
  • Wellbeing

Amour Natural

We chose Amour Natural for their ethical standpoint , their high quality and reasonably priced products and friendly team.

Amour Natural are our stockists for aromatherapy and body care oils. They were established in 2012 in Glastonbury, Somerset. Their products are suitable for use by therapists, enthusiasts and beginners and are available in various sizes to suit differing needs and budgets. 

Not Tested on Animals

All the essential oils are therapeutic and 100% natural, and every batch is rigorously tested and certified. The products are not tested on animals and they do not contain any solvents, parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGs,PGs or mineral oil.

Endorsed by the Compassionate Shopping Guide

Amour Natural has been endorsed by the Naturewatch Foundation, verifying that Amour Natural is 100% cruelty free, and that in addition to none of their products or ingredients  being tested on animals, they only work with suppliers who are completely cruelty free too.

They have a zero tolerance for animal testing in their entire supply chain.

We are very happy that our stockist has the same commitment to animal welfare that we do!

A. Vogel

We chose A. Vogel for their commitment to producing a wide range of high quality, scientifically proven herbal medicines, supplements and food supplements based on fresh organically grown herbs. They also provide a useful advice service for queries on their products.


We chose Weleda for their high quality natural skincare and dental products, in addition to their philosophy.

A good selection of our skincare products and toothpaste are from Weleda.

Weleda has at its core a research method called Anthroposophy, which was founded by the philosopher and natural scientist Rudolf Steiner, together with like-minded colleagues.

The company sees humans, society and nature as a holistic whole, bound together by the relationship between daily activities and nature. This is evident in the manufacture of their medicinal products, natural cosmetics, or dealings with partners, suppliers and employees.

We share the same core values and are delighted to stock Weleda’s high- quality products.

Weleda’s products are 100% certified natural care, free from mineral oil, parabens, silicones and PEGs, synthetic fragrances, Genetically Modified ingredients and microplastic ingredients, 80% of botanicals are certified organic, there is ethical sourcing with respect for people and biodiversity and no animal testing.


We chose Lamberts for their high quality range of vitamins and supplements, backed up by a technical advice team.

They offer an extensive product range including vitamins, minerals, herbs, multiple formulas, evening primrose oil and glucosamine as well as more specialised products such as Co-Enzyme Q10.

All their products are of the highest quality, produced in some of the most modern and technically advanced factories in the UK, which operate to stringent pharmaceutical standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are approved by the UK Department of Health, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

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