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Earn 5% Dividend

At our online Futurehealth Store and our sister shop in Whitby, The Dispensary, we offer all members a 5% dividend on what they buy which can be redeemed against future purchases from us.

At the heart of our ethos is LOVE, which we strive for wherever possible – Local, Organic, Vegetarian / Vegan and Ethical. We choose our suppliers and products with this ethos in mind, and we know that high quality health products, which often include organic and fair-trade labels, can be more expensive than others. However, we are passionate about making our products accessible to as many people as possible and so we devised a dividend scheme to give our members actual savings on products they buy.

Anyone can become a member of The Dispensary (it’s free to join) and qualify for our 5% dividend scheme. This means that when you shop with us, you accrue 5% of the value of your shopping which you can redeem against the value of your next shop with us, or you can continue to shop, keep building up your dividend and redeem it at a later date. Some of our customers use their accrued dividend every time they shop with us and others build it up over a period of time, often using it at times of greater expense. It’s a personal choice!

We never charge more than Recommended Retail Price (RRP) so when you shop with us, you know that your 5% dividend represents a real saving on the cost of your shopping.

Dividend Points